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  • Hanafuda Na Pua Hawaii
  • Hanafuda is a card game played by Hawai‘i locals for over a century. Nā Pua Hawai‘i means the flowers of Hawai‘i.
  • Hanafuda Nā Pua Hawai‘i is a hybrid game of the traditional Japanese game of hanafuda played with Hawaiian native plants, and animals.

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    • Beautifully designed unique cards with simple instructions, cues, and tips.
    playing cards
    • The set includes instruction cards.
    instruction cards
    • We have included explanatory cards which name the plants, animals, and Hawaiian objects pictured on the cards.
    info cards

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    • hanafuda xl box
    • Larger poker size cards
      (3½″ × 2¼″) for easy handling. Plastic coated and textured cards are durable and easy to shuffle.
    • Redesigned images with more color, detail, and the same points, suit, and yaku indicators.

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    • Basic instructions, and yaku chart is included on 8 instruction cards.
    extra large version instructions

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