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Introducing: Hanafuda Nā Pua Hawai‘i

Hanafuda Na Pua Hawaii Hanafuda Na Pua Hawaii

We’re proud to introduce to you this beautiful and unique set of hanafuda cards that celebrate the flowers of Hawai‘i, nā pua Hawai‘i. Over the past year, we’ve been researching and consulting with educators and experts in botany and Hawaiian culture to make the images true to the spirit of Hawai‘i. We hope to inspire exploration of Hawaiian ecology and culture.

The game of hanafuda is played in the same way as with traditional cards, but in this edition Japanese flowers have been replaced with plants and animals that are either endemic to Hawai‘i or brought by canoe. We’ve infused the images with stories and legends from ancient and modern Hawai‘i. We hope you enjoy playing with this new set while learning about the plants, animals, and culture that make Hawai‘i special.

We hope you share our love and appreciation for the environment and people of Hawai‘i through Hanafuda Nā Pua Hawai‘i. 

We’ll be updating the website with more information about the images on the cards, and game play soon. Please visit again or join us on Facebook for updates.

Click here to download a chart of the Hanafuda Nā Pua Hawai‘i cards and bonus combinations (yaku)

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Hanafuda Na Pua Hawaii Instructions

Click here for Nā Pua Hawai‘i Instructions.